A PoeParty Prediction for Chapter 3

No idea yet who’s responsible for the two apparent murders so far. But I’m willing to go out on a limb and say I know who’s going to die in Chapter 3.

Putting it after a cut in case someone (presumably someone unfamiliar with my history of predicting things) views it as a spoiler.

HG Wells will be shuffling off his mortal Tesla coil by the end of Chapter 3.

My reasoning goes like this:

  • So far they’ve been killing off one character per episode, alternating boy/girl. If that pattern holds we’re due to lose a male character in Chapter 3. N=2 is a pretty low number for such a conclusion, but the even balance of characters suggests they might be doing that.
  • Looking at the trailer is instructive. I’d previously noticed that Louisa May was missing from all the trailer scenes other than those from Chapter 1, and wondered if she’d be next to go in Chapter 2. I didn’t post anything about it at the time, so you’ll have to take my word for it, but when she did in fact get killed in Chapter 2 it made me think that’s a pretty good way to predict future deaths.
  • Assuming we’re going to lose a male character in Chapter 3, the trailer suggests HG is the one with the worst chances. He’s missing from all the group shots we haven’t seen so far: “Who do you think we are? The Austens?”, the dancing scene, the “lie sandwich” scene, and the startled wheeling around at the end in the library/study.
  • The scenes we do see of HG in the trailer all seem to place him in jeopardy: poking his head up into the attic during his credit shot, and sitting amidst his apparatus, apparently having made a foreboding discovery, saying, “Oh, dear.” Possibly his exit line?
  • There’s also this: The silent “Next Episode” clip at the end of Chapter 2 begins with a closeup of HG. Going back and looking at the clip from Chapter 1, it began with a closeup of Louisa May. Is being highlighted in the Next Episode clip a bad sign for a character?

Since the show creators have been pretty active in liking/reblogging/responding to posts about the show, my predicting this sets up an interesting test: Will any of them like/respond to this post? When I offered a lamentably bad interpretation of what was being said in the Next Episode clip from Chapter 1, it picked up several responses, including MK’s droll “That’s it. You’ve done it.”

That was an easy one, because that post’s prediction was silly. If this post’s prediction about HG dying next is correct, though, how will they respond? Their first inclination would probably be to not make any response at all. But in the context of their previous activity that could be interpreted as a Dog That Didn’t Bark in the Night. So maybe they would respond. But they’d be constrained to respond in a way that doesn’t spill the beans while still looking like good clean fun when the prediction turns out to have been correct.

Of course, if the prediction is wrong they can just endorse it as correct, like they did before. But if they endorse it as correct, does that mean it must be incorrect? Would they endorse it as correct even though it actually is correct, just to throw me off?


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