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Warning: This post is probably the most nerdy costuming post I’ve ever made.  I’ve tried to keep the photos to a minimum, so be aware that a lot of the content I’m talking about here is linked within paragraphs.

The vintage/historical fashion buff in me is extremely giddy that Jeffrey Kurland chose to use vintage safety/sport goggles as the model for pretty much every single pair of glasses Holtzmann wears.  It’s also the icing on the cake of her ‘Mad Scientist’ vibe.

(I’ll be tackling each pair in the order they’re introduced in the film.)

Pair #1:


This is the infamous pair she wears for 90% of the movie and most of the promotional pictures.  

After days of research, I can comfortably say that they are either a pair modeled after or modified from vintage pairs made by Wilson Safety Goggles between 1930 and the mid-1950s.  Back in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, safety goggles did not look like they do now.  They were also used for recreational activities such as motorcycling.  

You can find restored pairs of these on the internet or buy ones that are a bit cheaper and touch them up yourself.  (This is what I did.)

A few months ago, O’Riginals Trading Co. had prop replica pairs for sale.  They are currently sold out, and I cannot find any information to indicate a definite re-release.  

Thetake.com also suggests a usagi style steampunk pair of glasses as a good alternative.  I did some searching but didn’t find any in a yellow tint that matched the originals at a fair price.  However, there are customs being built such as this one, which go for anywhere between $150 and $300.

Pair #2:


Though they seem brand new (which I’m sure they are), these goggles are another call back to that vintage motorcycle/aviator style we talked about previously.  Said goggles were also designed to fit over any other glasses one would wear every day.  This would support the theory (at least I have one) that Holtzmann uses pair #1 functionally, and not just when she’s trying to avoid blowing things up.  It would also explain why she has her glasses “stacked” in her introduction scene.
along with pair #3 were the easiest to find in the department
of cheap alternatives
 I wasn’t able to find any with the jewelers loop add-ons, but
I’m sure that they would be a fairly easy edition for any cosplayer
to make.  

can purchase
jewelers loops
from sellers on Etsy.

Pair #3:


Again, we can easily find cheap alternatives for this pair.  Though, the screen accurate version of these goggles should be a bit more rounded on the sides.  The bug-like quality of the lenses would indicate that these are again modeled off of vintage motorcycling/sport goggles.

If you use your Google-Fu, you can certainly find a pair you can be comfortable with even if it’s not the ones I’ve linked above.  

I’m hoping we get to see more of this pair in deleted scenes because the screen time of these goggles was extremely brief in comparison to the others. 

Pair #4: 


We get one last, unique pair just for the final battle.

Once again, my research would tell me that these were modeled off of or are modified Wilson Safety Goggles – much like pair #1.  Why the different style?  These are dated as 1950s safety goggles, and it is this decade when the style began to change.

Thetake.com suggested this Amazon pair from Bouton as a decent alternative.  (Though the lenses may be too green.) Bouton is a modern company that also sells a clear version of said glasses at $10.  If the lenses are plastic, there are ways to dye them in order to get a desired color. 

Bonus Find:

I also love a good t-shirt.  Who doesn’t?

Holtzmann’s tops are a toss up between solid colors, more blousy shirts with prints, and graphic tees.  Her “One of the Boys” shirt caught my eye.  I searched for its origins just to see what I would find. 


Made under the label Truly, Madly, Deeply, it formerly sold at Urban Outfitters


There is one issue with this piece.  The shirt manufactured for Urban Outfitters is a muscle tee and seems to have come in a single color.  

I suppose the shirt could have been dyed, and we really can’t tell just how short the top is in the film because she is wearing it tucked into her pants with a thick belt – just above the waist area.

Whew!  That’s it!  Thanks for sticking with me through that rundown.  

If you have anything to add or want to scream about costuming, just send me a message.  I’m happy to talk about all things Holtzmann/Ghostbusters/cosplay/etc. 

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