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Ok so… cool story: I found even more things that weren’t accounted for/weren’t right (and needed to be uploaded/reuploaded/fixed) when I was typing this post.


I’ll reblog this post with the missing things when they’re done too, so consider this sort of a rough draft. If you want to share all the video together, please don’t link this post externally and wait until I can link to the complete YT playlist? I’ll also make another post for linking/tagging/reblogging purposes.


– Superpod 5 History and Introduction
Corky’s Freedom Banner: the Power of Children’s Love for a Captive Orca

Generation Change: Empty the Tanks Inc
Scholar Advocacy Roundtable
The Whale Sanctuary Project – the Future for Captive Cetaceans
“I Am Not an Animal!”


Center for Conservation Biology’s SRKW Scat Study
Empty the Tanks: A Campaign to End Captivity

Closing the Wild Capture Loophole


Latest Campaign Update from the Dolphin Project


Alphabet Soup: Legislation, Regulation, and Agencies, oh my! 
– Russian orca concerns

Loro Parque welfare concerns
New Zealand orca studies 
The Ecosystem Approach: The Future of Endangered Species Recovery


Salmon, Orca, Taxes, Dams and YOU!


Dolphin and Whale Brains – More Evidence for Complexity


Navy Sonar & Marine Mammals: Potential Measures to Mitigate Harmful Effects


CWR 40 years and Counting Shifting Baselines in the Salish Sea

The Evolution of Menopause 

A Captive Orca and Her Natural History

List largely gleaned from the schedule website, but there were some changes to the schedule that I believe have been accurately reflected.

Some content was omitted – the vast majority of that was all the “filming other people’s films” – because that’s not cool. I’ll link to things when the filmmakers make that stuff available (or if they actually find this and want me to post it? But please note that some of it I actually didn’t record at all.)  

@cetaceanawareness, your talk was also excluded because it was nestled in the Scholar Advocacy segment that the To the Sea (upcoming documentary) folks were in. If you would like your clip excised and posted (or just want the video in general) let me know?   

If Rachel Clark stumbles across this and wants the reading from her book included, I can do that too. This is her book.

I’m new to dealing with a ton of video like this (which is why it took me so long to get this all sorted) – but the idea is that I’ll learn and improve from here on out.

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