debunkshy: Northern Waterthrush Salmo Pond, WI


Northern Waterthrush

Salmo Pond, WI

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Tags: but still, it's true, , PJH, really, it's weird, there are those kids you went to school with, and it's years later, and you're looking in the yearbook, or on facebook, and you see a photo, and you just stare at the name or picture and scratch your head, you went there?, at the same time as me?, they just slip through unnoticed, this bird is that for me, same for the overbird and louisiana, i know they exist, i've birded my whole life, most of it outside their normal range, never seen them, i probably just need to learn how to look, and then they'll be everywhere, won't be able to throw a stick without hitting a waterthrush.

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