Make up at the gym.


I really don’t like when people rag on women for wearing make up to the gym. Like when people brag about how hard they work at the gym but then say, “I’m not one of those girls who wears make up to the gym.”

What does that have to do with anything? I wear make up to the gym ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it’s because I go at the end of the day so I’ve been wearing make up all day. Sometimes it’s because I want to cover up the bags under my eyes at 6:00 am. But how does that impact how hard I workout?

Oh. It doesn’t. That’s right.

Ladies. Don’t bash other ladies for their choice to doll themselves up before the gym. Maybe they are just looking for a cute fit guy to take home. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Let her spend her money on a gym membership. Encourage each other to be fit or to reach whatever goals. Do that wearing make up or with a make up free face.

It makes me happy when people use Emily as a reaction gif.

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