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We’re working hard to bring Personal Space to life. Please back us today, and join us in space!

When I’m anxious I analyze.

They’re at 40% of the $45K goal, with two weeks remaining. Things will pick up toward the end, but it’s making me nervous.

Here’s the corresponding graph from Poeparty:

One thing that was genius with Poeparty was the way they used the cast reveals every $5K to maintain interest. Also, there were the weekend livestreams that let you see the creators being excited and let donors squee collectively in the comments. (It also didn’t hurt that they got several multi-thousand-dollar individual donations.)

It’s an apples-to-oranges comparison, obviously. Personal Space doesn’t have the pre-existing content that Poeparty had (ATTV, I mean), including a trio of beloved characters to do an in-world video for the Kickstarter. Poeparty had more bodies to work the campaign, too, with Sinead, Sean, Sarah, and MK pretty much dedicating the whole month to it, and lots of participation from the rest of the cast.

Obviously Tom and Dana and Zack and the rest of the folks behind Personal Space are working hard to make the show happen. It’s just that their show is a different sort of thing, one that until now has existed only in a few peoples’ heads, and that’s a harder sell. What could they do that they’re not already doing?

Maybe try to leverage the cast more? I know it’s hard when you’ve lined up relatively big-name talent who don’t normally do webseries to ask them to donate time for promotion. But maybe record some brief, low-budget videos from some of the cast talking about what attracted them to the project, and release those at funding milestones?

I don’t know where the Battlestar Galactica fandom hangs out. I was talking to my daughter, who is very much a BSG fan, and she was excited when I explained the show to her. Maybe try to get the word out to that fandom more than has happened already? There was talk a few days ago of releasing a teaser trailer; maybe that would help.

Now I’m just being annoying, I realize. They’re already doing everything they can think of. The train is in motion and they’re laying down track in front of it as fast as they can. They’re doctors in surgery, and I’m the anxious friend in the waiting room who wants to burst in and try to help.

I need to chill. Let the professionals do their job.

I upped my pledge. It’s not much, and I’d been saving it for the end, but I think now is the time.

Anyway, good luck guys. I’m pulling for you.

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