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Now is your chance to get on board.

Ooh; I didn’t appreciate the three-dimensional aspect of Overture’s design from that end-on rendering they’d shown previously. So it has that big torus, and then a smaller torus in a different plane. And that long boom thingy extending down (in this view) along the axis of rotation.

It must rotate to provide gravity, which means the big torus has relatively high gravity (one G?), while the small torus has lower gravity. Unless they rotate at different rates? But no, I don’t think differential rotation would be smart from an engineering standpoint. If I were designing a generation ship I’d try to reduce moving parts as much as possible to simplify maintenance and improve reliability.

I hope more information will be made available about the ship’s design. It’s nuclear powered; fission, I’m assuming? I wonder if the reactor is out of frame, at the end of that long boom extending down in this shot. Having it far from the crew quarters would reduce the need for shielding.

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