personalspaceshow: It’s time to shoot for the moon. And then…


It’s time to shoot for the moon. And then way past the moon.

Five reasons to support the Personal Space kickstarter:

  • The cast: If you’re a fan of literary-inspired webseries, you already know (or should know) Sean Persaud (A Tell-Tale Vlog, Kissing in the Rain, I Ship ItI Didn’t Write This). Brent Bailey was Alex Knightley in Emma Approved. I’m into literary webseries, so those are the first actors I noticed. But I’m also an old-school Trek fan, and I remember Tim Russ’s Tuvok as one of the best things about Star Trek: Voyager. I’m not familiar with the rest, but Battlestar Galactica fans will be excited about Nicki Clyne, Richard Hatch, and Tahmoh Penikett. There’s a nice mix of ages and ethnicities; it feels like a real space crew. I can’t wait to meet them.
  • Behind the scenes are more people who’ve been involved with things you may have loved. Dana Luery Shaw, writer and transmedia producer, worked on Classic Alice and Welcome to Sanditon. Zack Wallnau, credited for story and as director of photography, worked on most of the past projects from Shipwrecked Comedy and Yulin Kuang.
  • It’s sci fi (and gives every indication of being intelligent sci fi, which means a lot to me) but it also sounds like they’re approaching it from a vlog-series perspective, with a focus on characters and relationships rather than technology. Science fiction was one of my first loves; I grew up obsessively reading and re-reading Heinlein, Niven, and Zelazny. Later I fell equally hard for musicals and period drama, which led to Austen and eventually to a quirky modern-day YouTube adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. So bringing a literary webseries sensibility to sci fi is just, like, everything I didn’t know I needed.
  • I’ve talked elsewhere about how excited I am about the transmedia. Everyone remembers that LBD won an Emmy. But they forget that it won mostly for how groundbreaking and immersive the transmedia and world-building were. The hints I’ve seen make me think this show could be a worthy successor.
  • And the top reason to support the show: Because of how adorably choked-up Tom Pike gets in the Kickstarter video when he describes talking to a real-life astronaut.

How could you not love a show like that?

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