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The other day I read Aja Romano’s article on Vox about Hamilton as fanfic. Then I read the response from Slate, and then I finally made myself read the New York Times article that Romano was responding to. I’d been avoiding it, I guess because I still feel such a shocked, delighted reaction to the show itself that I have been reluctant to wade into the criticism. But I finally read it, and it was just a handful of comments about historical accuracy. I’m actually amazed that such a brief fact-check has triggered such defensiveness. Not that I don’t understand the impulse! I feel defensive of the show too; I adore it and would like to preserve the impression I had when first leaving the theater that it was the best thing I had ever seen, a rare, genuinely life-changing work of art.

But you know, I just don’t get to live in that moment forever. A work doesn’t get to change your life if you just see it and let it be, if you hallow its memory and shush any doubt. A work can only change your life if it’s part of your life.

There’s a lot that I find deeply odd about the Vox piece in particular, enough that I’m going to stick it behind a Read More.

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