d4g4m4: Happy New Year! My tribute to Vincent Van Gogh as it…


Happy New Year!

My tribute to Vincent Van Gogh as it was in the last day of 2015, roughly 6 months after I started. After taking these pictures, I worked on it a bit more. Therefore, as 2015, this is past already.

I spent long but passionate nights reading his letters and studying his paintings (other than “Starry night”, of course) and drawings (a whole new world previously unknown to me) and uncountable days working in this mosaic, which, disappointingly, is not even half finished.

Supply problems, financial shortages and difficult decisions paralyzed me more times than I expected, but still, I am reasonably happy with the emerging result. I struggled to find bright colored tiles I could use, and so far I have used around 20 different tile types. I really hope I will be able to complete my work in the course of 2016.

I really hope you like it as well. And I hope that, some day, I will be able to see the original “Starry night”. Who knows?

D4 G4M4
Rio, 1 January 2016.

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Tags: and hilarity, I have seen starry night, though the memory is overlaid, with horror, due to julia's fingerprints, maybe I'll see it again some day.

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