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Dolomedes (Fishing Spider)

photo by Charlie J on Flickr

fishing spiders are SO COOL. i don’t think they’re as cute as a lot of other spiders, but they are really clever and fun to watch. we get a lot of them along the cannon river here in southern minnesota, i like to hang out on the river bank and watch them hunt minnows and tadpoles.

they’re also really mellow about humans, at least if you move slow and don’t come from above like a predatory bird would do. i’ve picked them up and had them walk on my hands a bunch of times and never got nipped.

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Tags: insects, in this case, spiders, actually, that aren't actually insects, but that's what sally uses to avoid leggy arthropod images, and this certainly qualifies, and such a cool and interesting one, I don't think I've ever seen a fishing spider, i've read about them all my life, there are a lot of things I've heard of but never seen, unicorns, narwhals, the aurora borealis, antarctic icebergs, i should find me a Dolomedes spider, it's one thing never to see a unicorn, but it's a shame never to see one, if they actually live just down the street.

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