sylvia-morris-reblogs: Sometimes I decide not to finish things….


Sometimes I decide not to finish things. For this one, I’ve learned what I intended to learn. I wanted to practise different ways of drawing foliage. I’ve done that.

I would normally finish it anyway. Finishing pieces is useful in and of itself, and you end up with a picture, which is always nice. But there are things I don’t like about this that can’t easily be fixed, and I’ve decided the cost in time outweighs the benefits.

It feels weird to leave something unfinished when I’ve put so much time into it. So I’m posting it here. Just as a sign to myself that I’m allowed to move on.

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Tags: but I like it, I don't know, not sure, actually I quite like the effect, of the ground being unfinished, I think it makes the picture more interesting, more... dynamic?, but I mean, it's all abstract anyway, why not make the less important details, less detailed?, maybe it's just a me thing.

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