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The Beauty of Moths is Captured Under a High Resolution Scanner by Jim des Rivieres

Since 2002 photographer Jim des Rivieres has worked with a series of images of moths and butterflies local to the Ottawa area, photographed with a high-resolution flatbed camera.

Impressively real, the artist’s prints have a 3D quality, which demand attention. The texture and every fine detail of the insects is seen under the black background. Its delicate antennas, bodies and perfectly symmetrical wings are exposed for inspection. Featuring moths such as the Luna Moth and the Virgin Tiger moth among many others, he captures the obscure beauty of one of nature’s most dainty and ephemeral creatures.

Rarely seen by the average person in such detail, Des Rivieres gives us access to their sublime beauty. You can find the high-resolution photographs in his Etsy shop.

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Tags: insects, that anonsally will never see, now with actual insects, that last one is a cecropia moth, it's ginormous, I found one clinging to our backyard fence one day, and held it in my hand.

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