The woman who gave two fingers to looking like a Disney Princess at the Oscars

The woman who gave two fingers to looking like a Disney Princess at the Oscars:






I thought she looked very much what a good costume designer should look like–interesting and able to walk comfortably, thankyouverymuch.

It seemed so fitting to me, she went as a dressed up version of herself. And she’s someone who has been responsible for designing some the frockiest frock movies in history. But she looks at the conventional “you just need to find the right dress and you will be stunning sweetheart!” and knows that it’s bullshit because it’s her actual profession.

May your self assuredness inspire others Jenny Beavan!

If you doubt that this is exactly what a costume designer should express through her clothes, than please take a look at Ms. Edith Head, the most decorated costume designer in Academy Awards history.  (And yes, by the standards of her era, Ms. Head’s clothing is remarkably utilitarian, and she wore her trademark hair and glasses exactly the same while accepting her Oscars.)

Zero fucks given.

Bless them both and all none of their fucks!

They rule the clothes. The clothes do not rule them

She never looked back, darlings. It would have distracted from the now.

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