bananasliketoparty: The very last movie review for this award…


The very last movie review for this award season! Which also means that I have seen all the best picture nominees! How exciting.


I liked your review a lot! I also watched Room by myself for exactly the reason you cite, and it had exactly the same result. :-)

You mention feeling like you knew of Brie Larson from somewhere, but sounded unsure of where you’d seen her, or at least like you hadn’t seen her previous movies. And obv. you’re aware at this point, but just for the benefit of anyone else who might be interested, here are my favorite things of hers that I’ve seen:

She’s Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim (which I didn’t realize for a long time, despite having seen Scott Pilgrim more than once, because I didn’t know who she was yet when I saw it, and her character is kind of deliciously awful such that I’d never bothered to learn more about who played her).

The first time I really noticed her was her portrayal of Jon’s sister Monica Martello in Don Jon. Despite her appearance in the movie being so brief, and being defined so much by one low-key attribute, she creates an amazing character. This gifset pretty much shows the entire performance.

Because a couple of people I follow on Tumblr recommended it I watched her in Short Term 12, and she was great in it. Lenny Abrahamson has said it was seeing her performance in that film that convinced him she’d be right for Room. Since you liked Room so much I think it’s a safe bet you’ll like it too.

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