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Small update in the world of JVT. This is a rather deceiving image at the moment, and I’m not sure how they calculate distances but I’m guessing to next waypoint which is probably Cape Horn, BUUUUT, Spindrift are 52 miles ahead of the reference time and IDEC are rather amazingly, only 17 miles behind, having come back from 600+ only 4 days ago, good job guys!

I think it’s largely been the weather systems. S2 couldn’t quite catch the last trough and slowed down a bit between systems, while IDEC, having fallen behind, dove further south, shortening their route (and thankfully not running into any ice) and getting stronger wind. And then this new trough forming and bringing them up from behind has helped even more.

I see from the screenshots that you’re using Volodia’s tracker – are you using the WXTiles overlay? Apparently it isn’t super accurate when you zoom way in; at least my sense during the Volvo was that the WXTiles wind was frequently off a bit compared to what the boats were seeing on the water. But in broad terms I’ve found it really helpful in understanding the routing strategies.

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