erinwert: A year ago I was discharged from the hospital… A year…


A year ago I was discharged from the hospital… A year later, I still haven’t been back. I feel so fortunate to be celebrating a full year episode free!

I’m scrolling through my dash, and it has really hit home to me how much of an impact the loss of the Reply feature has had. Because it’s very isolating.

Before, if I came across a post by someone I follow sharing some event of their life, I could leave a short comment that offered comfort, or congratulations, or a suggestion, or just some form of personal acknowledgment that referenced our shared history. It was a way of building a relationship. It was a way of reaching out, reflecting a shared humanity back at them, in a way that was more personal than a reblog (because it wasn’t shared overtly with all my followers, but was confined to their blog), but also less secretive than an ask or fanmail (because it _was_ visible to anyone examining the notes on the post). It was a really useful option.

And now that option is gone. I’ve missed it three times in a few minutes of scrolling through my dash; I’m sure I’ll miss it many more times. It feels very corrosive of the sense of community that is (was) one of my favorite things about Tumblr.

Just fwap; gone. Badly done, @staff.

Oh, more importantly: you go, Erin! Way to kick cvs’s ass! Yeah!

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