So, I think you watched the zombie thing Mary Kate was in? Can you tell me how creepy it is? I’m trying to figure out if I want to watch it.

The one that went up today? Lullaby: A Zombie Musical? Yes, I watched it. Also, for the record, I enjoyed it. But I’ve been pushing myself in the horror department the last week or two (some of which happened of my own volition, some through trying to be a good sport with the large amounts of the stuff that people around me have been watching).

Slightly spoiler-y creepiness discussion below the cut.

I’m not necessarily the best judge of someone else’s creepiness factor. I found it a little offputting in the early going, and occasionally in the middle, due to the level of (mostly off-screen) violence. It has fairly light-hearted musical numbers, with dancing zombies (which were very cool, to be honest). And I really enjoyed the singing. And at the end there’s a twist that earned some more admiration from me.

But… there is blood. And (mostly, but not entirely) offscreen violence, along the lines of implied rather than shown (again, mostly) smashing of zombies with a sledgehammer, with the bloody aftermath shown after the smashing happens.

So I don’t know. If one is inured to zombie tropes and the depiction of extreme violence being committed on them (because hey, they’re _zombies_, right? so they’re not humans? so it’s okay?), then it’s going to be very tame and enjoyable. If one is sensitive to those tropes, and doesn’t particularly care for them, then I’d say that depending on how far along that spectrum you fall, you _might_ have a problem with it. Its creators obviously went to some length to try to tone down the violence by having it (mostly) implied rather than shown. But again, I don’t know.

I’d be curious to hear what you think if you do end up watching it.

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