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No 425, Janvier Fevrier Mars 2007, 2007

No 406, Avril Mai 2006, 2006

No 306, Mars Avril 2005, 2005

No 393, Avril Mai 2006, 2006

No. 60, Janvier Fevrier 1987, 1987

PO 56, Avril Mai 2007, 2007

No 366, Fevrier Mars 2006, 2006

No 428, Novembere Decembre 2007, 2007

No 524, Fevrier Mars Avril 2007, 2007

No 193, Janvier Février 2004, 2004



Jean-Luc Mylayne

“When I see a bird, I see at the same time that bird on a tree near the house. I see everything as an ensemble, and I realize that’s how I see everything in life… With my lenses, I can take in that place, then the tree, the bush, the house. I try to capture all those places at the same moment, just like our eye travels from one spot to another in taking in the scene, and I try to reconstitute it.”

— Jean-Luc Mylayne, 2006

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This is the artist whose stuff I saw in Chicago with thebrideofcaliban and absolutely loved!!!!!

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Tags: but, I like this because it gives a better sense than much bird photography, of the actual experience of birding, because most bird photos are tight close ups, with the bird filling the frame, which I totally get, because: birds are awesome up close, when you love them enough to actually routinely watch them, you're mostly seeing them as little things, small bits of feathered color and personality, interacting with a larger environment, .

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