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Pink-headed Warbler (Cardellina versicolor)

…a species of New World Warbler (Parulidae) that is endemic to the highlands of central and eastern Chiapas in Mexico, and parts of western Guatemala. Pink-headed warblers typically inhabit humid to semi-humid pine-oak, pine-evergreen and evergreen forests and edges, at altitudes ranging from 1,800-3,500 m above sea level. They typically prefer forests with undisturbed understories but are also found in disturbed forests as well. Like other new world warblers, the pink-headed warbler is an insectivore, gleaning insects and other invertebrates from vegetation, and occasionally hawking. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Parulidae-Cardellina-C. versicolor

Image: Dominic Sherony

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