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potential breakup song by aly and aj > every single song the beatles have ever produced

fuck this post

– people who haven’t listened to the banger that is potential breakup song

ok but have you ever actually listened to The Beatles?

yes they’re boring and old meanwhile potential breakup song goes hard as hell


Wait people actually think aly and aj are better than the Beatles. That’s a thing? Every song by the Beatles? Really? Have you heard while my guitar gently weeps, I want you (she’s so heavy), help!, I want to hold your hand, blackbird, oh! darling, hey Jude, good night, can’t buy me love, paperback rider, Eleanor Rigby, ok I could go on forever…

that’s nice but potential breakup song is undeniably better than all of those songs

Seeing this post, as a person who loves music and has educated them self on many genres and eras, makes me want to cut off every person who likes potential breakup song arms and beat them with them. Beatles are the sole reason for that songs existence and were completely revolutionary to compare the two is like comparing skrillex to Bach.
It’s just not okay

me, jamming out to potential breakup song: ok cool… anyways…

Clearly you’ve never listened to enough of the Beatles. You probably only know them because, guess what, they were one of the best bands of all time, arguably the very best. in a few years aly and aj will be desperate has-beens. The Beatles have and will endure because they had genuine skill, passion, and talent.

me: *violently shaking my ass to potential breakup song*

You understand that….you just look stupid right ?

me: *looks stupid while enjoying one of the most iconic songs in music history, potential breakup song*

Heh. I once got pushback from a valued listener by including not one but two songs from Insomniatic in podcast #24. “Potential Breakup Song” wasn’t one of them; I went instead with “If I Could Have You Back” and “Closure”. But I can certainly see someone having a soft spot for it.

With that said, I subsequently used only Beatles music in podcast #28. So, you know, if snorlaxatives wants to make it a contest, I guess I’d have to come down on the other side.

But of course it’s not a contest.

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