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So.  It’s here. It’s finally time.  I’ve been terribly impatient.  I wanted this book out in the world before it was ever even written.  I wanted it to exist the minute the videos ended because I needed to know what happened next.  What happened to Lydia, who had become so much more of a person than a character.  

I don’t know if rachelkiley remembers this, but we were in the middle of the super-high craziness of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, when the 200th anniversary of P&P conflated with Lizzie getting to Pemberley/the sex tape and the whole thing seemed to explode.  At that time, we were already writing the final episodes.  I whispered to Rachel that Lydia’s story should be a book.  This was before anyone had even said a word about The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, let alone another book after that.  I just knew that Lydia had more to say after the end, and I wanted to hear it.

It was just an idea at the time.  And it took a long time to make it more than that. (Unfortunately, there is no such thing as instant gratification in the book world. Also, babies/jobs/stuff.)   We’ve been posting chapters on Wattpad but now the whole thing is finally here.   (I’m even doing a giveaway on my facebook page today, so you could potentially read the whole thing for free.)

And I hope you read it.  Enjoy it.  Or not, you don’t have to enjoy it.   Ask us questions.  Post reviews on amazon or goodreads.  We also enjoy a nice gifset. 

Regardless, I’m just happy that Lydia finally gets her own say.

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