Reading your tags on the reblog of that give-no-fucks-about-fandom post, particularly the ones about being in your head, makes me wonder what your MBTI personality type is – do you know? (If this is one of those things that you either a. don’t want to share or b. look askance at, feel free to ignore this question)

I don’t mind the question, but no, I’m not interested in MBTI, and routinely scroll past posts about it without reading them, the same way I scroll past posts about astrology. I don’t mind people having fun thinking and talking about it, but it’s not something I’ve put much thought into. I’ve never bothered to test myself.

A number of years ago I was given a similar type of test for a work-related leadership course; it measured me as being 99th-percentile introverted, so I assume that would hold with MBTI. I don’t know how the other parts would turn out.

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