Hello, I am a soon to be archaeology grad from the University of Montana. I have been recieving jibes from from STEM friends implying that my field is irrelevant. It is hard to have a come back when what they say is true, their lives are not changed by my field’s research. How do I find meaning in my work when many feel it is irrelevant on the grand scale?

Pfffffffffffffffft. Irrelevant? Irrelevant to whom? God, in the scheme of things it’s all irrelevant. I’m so tired of people hating on one another or trying to discourage their peers and colleagues from pursuing a passion. Don’t they get it? We don’t have enough passionate people in this world. We’re overfilling with the apathetic, the disinterested, the benign. I wish we could all get over our own egos and learn what support of science really means. It’s a competitive field out there but it won’t get any better if we keep acting like it’s the hunger games and not academia. 

You find meaning in your work because you love it and it drives you to wake up in the morning, because it fills you with joy. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re the ones that are not worth your time. 

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