PSA About Pluto


Please, for the love of GOD, stop reblogging this post thinking that it’s photographs of Pluto! I have debunked this post until I’m blue in the face and I keep continuing to see it on my dash with exclamations of “omg! so amazing! what a time to be alive!” I refuse to reblog it again to explain how wrong it is, because inevitably people don’t read my comments but just reblog it YET AGAIN to swoon over how cool it is.

Those are digital drawings of an artist’s interpretation of what Pluto MIGHT look like, that were commissioned by NASA – LAST YEAR. They’re lovely drawings, but the post presents them as photographs of Pluto and people just keep getting fooled by them. I hate misinformation and I’m sick of seeing people get fooled by this dumb post. The actual photographs of Pluto are here now and they’re fucking amazing – let’s reblog them instead!


Just to clarify:


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Tags: pluto, but yeah, i'm not really exasperated, people should know the difference if they want to geek out about the awesomeness.

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