dduane: “This is the last picture we’ll see of Pluto’s mystery…


“This is the last picture we’ll see of Pluto’s mystery spots for a long time…”

But it’s time to say goodbye to the “dark side” of Pluto – the side
that won’t be facing the camera when New Horizons whizzes past.
According to NASA, this face won’t be captured again during the mission.
Since New Horizons took years of planning and required a nine-year
journey through space, it’s safe to say we won’t get a closer look for
another few decades.

The dark side is where four mysterious spots live. Pluto seems to have a dark region around its entire equator, with the other face of the planet featuring a dark whale-shaped smear. The four dots are quite uniform in size and spacing, and scientists estimate that they’re each 300 miles across.

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