“Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, often criticizes President Obama, incorrectly,…”

“Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, often criticizes President Obama, incorrectly, for trying to push “European-style socialism,” and McConnell says the American people don’t want it. First of all, of course, Obama is not trying to push European-style socialism. Second of all, I happen to believe that, if the American people understood the significant accomplishments that have taken place under social-democratic governments, democratic-socialist governments, labor governments throughout Europe, they would be shocked to know about those accomplishments. One of the goals of this campaign is to advance that understanding…. How many Americans know that in virtually every European country, when you have a baby, you get guaranteed time off and, depending on the country, significant financial benefits as well. Do the American people know that? I doubt it. Do the American people even know that we’re the only major Western industrialized country that doesn’t guarantee healthcare for all? Most people don’t know that. Do the American people know that in many countries throughout Europe, public colleges and universities are either tuition-free or very inexpensive?”

Bernie Sanders (via andybrwn)

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Tags: , when I started off interacting with people online, i was fresh out of a major US university, with a degree in political science, (concentrations in political theory and international relations), and I loved nothing better, than to discuss politics, that lasted for about 15 years, but at some point, I just stopped, or at least I mostly stopped, arguing/teasing/mocking got old, the argument is still there, and will be after I'm gone, gone gone, not just moved-on-to-other-topics gone, so I don't expect to talk much about politics in the upcoming US election cycle, but I will say this, since it came through my dash shortly after I'd made a related observation, offline, to people who are kind enough to put up with me giving long-winded explanations, one of the coolest/funniest things to me, about the prospect of bernie sanders becoming president, is that it would be such sweet poetic justice, that after maligning barack obama as a socialist, with no particular conception of either his actual principles or of socialism, the fox news crowd might be faced with the prospect, of a president who is an _actual_ socialist, it would almost be worth it just for that, besides all the better reasons.

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