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I Didn’t Write This | upcoming episodes 10 & 11

Directed by Yulin Kuang
Choreography by Emmy Frevele 
Edited by Kyla Plewes
Produced by Whitney Milam & Kimberly Hwang

shot by Zack Wallnau (photos 1-5)
shot by Alyssa Brocato (photos 6-10)

POETRY + DANCE! = two of my favorite installments to the IDWT series to date. What poems they be?? Nope, not telling. I also had a GoPro handy for both of these shoots, for some fun director’s POV BTS.

Two of the Zack Wallnau photos show the old Point Loma Lighthouse. As a kid when I sailed out of San Diego I liked to look at it from the water, but I never visited it in person. It hasn’t been used as a navigational aid since the 1890s, when it was replaced by a light closer to the water that wouldn’t be as easily obscured by low clouds and fog.

Looking forward to the episodes!

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