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Shout out to the War Boy in skinny pants who saved Morsov.

So, I interpreted this as Morsov saving the lancer on the bike. That is, that Morsov is the one swinging out on the swing-y thing to pluck that guy up just before the Buzzard vehicle plows through them.

I’ve been assuming that Morsov’s post is the turret atop the fuel pod, such that every time the person in that position does something it’s Morsov. So for example, it was Morsov who was the first to notice and call the crew’s attention to the flares being fired from the war party leaving the Citadel.

But maybe I’ve been wrong all this time, and Morsov actually was on the back of the motorcycle until this other guy swung out and rescued him.

Clearly an excuse for another re-watch. :-)

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Tags: fury road, morsov, it's funny how I no longer think of Morsov as a minor character, I remember having to work at it even to remember the names of all the wives, but now even for characters who aren't named in the movie or identified specifically in the credits, I totally think of them as fleshed-out characters with their own compelling arcs, I've watched their precious few seconds on screen so many times, that they're loose in the joints and very shabby, so like the skin horse, they've become Real.

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