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We can argue about who’s movie this was until the cows come home. Is it Imperator Furiosa’s movie? She has the character arc, the most to gain, and the connection to the people around her. She makes her way to the top, and succeeds in her heroes quest.

Is it Max? Max is just passing through, meets an intriguing woman on a quest, helps her out, and then wanders back into the wasteland, another chapter of his life complete.

I propose that it is this man’s movie. This man, and his mission to shred. The factions will fight, people will argue about morality, and property. But not the Doof Warrior, his role in life is to give the most badass guitar solo on top a monster truck with a massive sound system. He might not have eyes, but he does have a flamethrower, and a purpose. He will give the film it’s rocking soundtrack, he will score the impressive action with his skillz so ill, it’s the reason everyone is so sick.

The cars may explode, and the shrapnel may fly. The characters will grapple with the tough choices of sacrifice, they will question their duty, and the Doof Warrior will rock.

This is like the fifth Fury Road post today that has nearly made me hack up my lungs. The fandom is on point.

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Tags: fury road, doof warrior, , primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary?, coma has a compelling arc, when he bungees forward and gets the guitar again and has that huge grin, it's what? 2 or 3 frames?, just barely long enough to register, but it's there, it's so there, rock on coma, this movie has an immortal character, but it's not joe.

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