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On June 17, 2015, an official comic prequel that tells the story of Imperator Furiosa and The Five Wives in the Citadel before the events of Fury Road will be released. The preview above reveals that prior to leading the supply run, Furiosa’s primary role as an Imperator seemed to be as the chief guard to the Wives held captive inside the Dome and had interactions with them before the great escape.

This is the second entry to the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel comic miniseries released by Vertigo following the first issue revolving around the characters of Nux and Immortan Joe. This issue is collaboratively written by George Miller, Nico Lathouris, and Mark Sexton with the cover art done by Tommy Lee Edwards and interior art done by Tristan Jones.

Soooo, remember that costuming post?

/heavy breathing

Note that if you, like me, are interested in seeing these without fighting for the actual comics, you can buy electronic versions for US$4.99 from comiXology.

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