“I’ve never seen a sane man so d e v o t e d.”

“I’ve never seen a sane man so d e v o t e d.

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Tags: got spoilers, GoT, actually a continuity break in the last gif, because she's taking his right hand, but then holding his left hand after the cut, did it happen that way in the episode?, a: (after checking) yup., didn't notice that when I watched it, i'm still watching, though I view the show in general as problematic in terms of some choices, esp. the handling of violence against women, and what feels at times, , at the expense of believable characterization, but I kind of did love that whole final scene last night, even if the sons of the harpy were absurdly stupid in their tactical approach, but fucking hell beniof and weiss, what you did to shireen was seriously uncool.

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