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Thank you, Mad Max, for a romantic subplot that actually ADDED depth to the movie, instead of ruining it for me forever. *I’m looking at you, Age of Ultron*

No, this was so important though.  This whole movie was all about objectification.  All of our heros are people who have had their agency taken from them, who have value to society only so long as they have something worth consuming, from the wives, to the mothers, to the blood bags and the war boys.  Their sexuality, their fertility, their milk, their flesh and blood and their very lives, all of these things are taken from them by those ‘stronger’ than themselves.  Nux’s whole struggle is that he may not be strong enough to distinguish himself in the only way his society deems worthwhile (through feats of violence)– that he will never be historic, never be remembered as an individual.  It’s only when he is shown compassion that Nux is able to connect with others and experience life as a full person, and be recognized as something other than a cog in the war machine.  He becomes more than just a thing.

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