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You know what was great about the scene where the women are bathing after making it through the dust storm?

The way it was shot from Max’s perspective.

Like, imagine you’ve seen zero promotional material for this movie.  You don’t know there are five young women running around in gauze bathing suits and believing in a better tomorrow.

What you’ve seen of this world so far is Max being physically abused, the downtrodden masses, the deformed, disfigured, and/or battered bodies of the fighters, the exploited bodies of the milking mothers, the grotesquely fantastic war-wagons, the sudden explosion of ultraviolence, the blasted landscape, and one lone shot of Angharad popping up out of the floor to say ‘we can’t breathe down here.’

The whole thing’s a nightmare scenario.

Max gets stuck hanging onto the front of a car during a pitched battle, driving through a ludicrous sandstorm, and getting bled half-dry.  He wakes up choking on dust, no clue really where he is, and just fucking desperate to get away, only to find that he has to haul the maybe-corpse of the war boy he’s chained to along for the ride.

And then he finds the war-rig, and…pretty girls?  Multiple pretty girls?  Standing in the middle of a godforsaken desert…bathing?  With water?  Is he seeing things again?  Is he dreaming?  Is he dying of thirst and this is what his brain is lying to him about now because why not?  What the fuck is happening here?

Like, he has no fucking context to put this in.  It’s sensory input he’s no longer capable of interpreting, and you can kind of feel him absolutely give up trying to make sense of anything anymore.  Pretty girls?  Does not compute.  Water, bolt cutter, transportation?  Computes.  His focus narrows to what he is capable of understanding, at that particularly traumatized point in time: water, freedom, and the ability to get away.

The camera shows the wives like we’re supposed to see them–the surreal moment of revelation where we’re presented with five characters who don’t fit the warped world we’ve been shown so far.

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