biliouskaiju: A little over a month until San Diego Comic Con….

I had already cut it shorter to prepare myself. Not short enough.

Father/Daughter bonding time. I’m surprised how supportive/excited Dad was about this.

Coelasquid mentioned at this stage I look like Alan Cumming.

They almost left the bobble I was like NOOOOOOO

We were going to ease into the shave and leave it cropped to get used to it. Then an oops happened.

Bye Bye hair.

It was at this point I realized there really was no going back. WITNESS ME.

Thedudevondoom helps.



A little over a month until San Diego Comic Con. I figured why the heck not let’s do this. Shaving one’s head is kind of an amazing thing. Your whole self image changes. That moment when you realize your skull shape is not wonky or weird suddenly you feel like an all powerful Shiny Badass. C’mon ladies, buzz cuts are IN IN IN! If anyone asks me “Why?” I’ll just say “Mad Max.” and if they repeat “But why??” I look at them sternly and say “You haven’t seen Fury Road have you.”

Special thanks to coelasquid and thedudevondoom for the emotional support and peer pressure that made this possible. 

I will be the tiniest Nux. See you that Saturday.


Also there’s captioned commentary when you click the pix, enjoy.

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