charloeisgold:Okay so, like, obviously Max and Furiosa’s relationship isn’t an obvious…


Okay so, like, obviously Max and Furiosa’s relationship isn’t an obvious sexual/romantic attraction.  But that’s what makes it so fucking amazing.  Like, you have to look at these two for what they are.  They are people who SHOVE their feelings down inside them so far, that they forget they are there, so they aren’t going to flirt and be all cute, like Capable and Nux.

But eyes don’t lie.  Like, Max’s eyes linger on Furiosa SO MANY TIMES in the movie.  I don’t do that with my friends.  I don’t hear them say something, and then stare at the back of their head after for like a good 5 seconds, just thinkin’ bout stuff.  Max is always looking at Furiosa when she isn’t looking.

And like, when Max is on the hood of the War Rig, and he’s about to get chain-sawed, Furiosa steps on the breaks to save him, and then they just like look at eachother, for a REALLY unnecessary amount of time.  It was so electric.

When Furiosa is close to dying, Max is incoherant.  And yes, you could say you would be that way with a friend.  But his tender touch, and how close he holds her head to his… there is just something so romantic and loving about it.

I feel like people are in denial about it for some reason, and I don’t know why.  It’s not like them being attracted to eachother (WHICH COME ON, they are so alike they were bound to) diminishes either of their character.  But Max needs someone after all the shit he’s been through.  No one is ever there for HIM.  And I’m sure Furiosa needs someone too.

They are so tough, and like, “I can do this on my own, SEE YA”, but they need eachother so bad, and I want them to accept that.  :(

I have seen Fury Road 5 times in the theatre so far.  6th on Tuesday.  :)

What do y’all think.

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