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Here’s another reason why Mad Max is important:

On the left here is my boyfriend Tommy. After gushing about this movie for a solid hour, I really got him excited to see it so we pulled a triple feature at the theatre today and saw Mad Max: Fury Road before we left. Even though I told him about all the amazing aspects of this movie, I think the selling point for him was the character Nux, featured on the right,played by Nicholas Hoult.

In the film, Nux is one of the very fascinating soldier type War Boys. These characters are interesting because even though they are warlords, their biggest killer seems to be a form of Leukemia. Whether it’s due to inbreeding or their less than steller conditions, these boys are called “Half-Lifes” because they aren’t expected to live very long. Nearly all of them have tumors protruding from their necks, and more than half of them (like Nux) require constant blood transfusions (supplied in this case by our very own Mad Max himself.) 

Even though the bald heads are not a product of chemo, and symbolize something entirely different, the imagery is there, and these boys spend the movie trying to die in battle with glory instead of wasting away with a disease. 

When Nux fails to find acceptance among his brothers and with his father/god, he turns instead to himself. Throughout the film we see Nux’s evolution from a cog in a machine to an individual human being with purpose and importance. His true goal in life is to be useful and needed, a goal that many of us can understand, especially those of us that are suffering from illnesses or disabilities. I know that there are countless posts about Furiosa on this front, but I found that for Tommy specifically Nux was a character he needed to see. 

Some of you may already know this but, about a month ago Tommy was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer. Although he is well on his road to recovery, he has struggled with his masculinity, his pride, and most of all his purpose. I can tell that he feels like the world doesn’t need him sometimes, and being sick often makes you feel like a burden to those around you. Although this is not true in the slightest, it is very hard to convince him otherwise. However, tonight I watched as his eyes lit up at the sight of a very sick character making a very big difference, and being a total fucking bad ass while doing it. Please go see this movie, it is so important. 

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