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I’d really love it if you shared Sexplanations with someone you care about. I think more people can benefit from it and I’m always hearing “I wish I had known about this channel when I was younger.” Please spread the Sexplanations.

I have issues with her promotion of homeopathic treatment for medical conditions. More here, and apologies for my having employed what I suspect you’ll consider to be an ableist slur when I wrote that.

I’m not saying that Linsey Doe is not problematic, in fact, I find many things about her videos problematic. I have not heard of the issue with homeopathy, though. (which I don’t consider ableist? probably because I’ve never heard of it before. but from what I read in these few ten minutes, the act of using it on patients would be ableist but not the word itself. it is the procedure which has been used to harm ill people, not the word. ableist language includes words that have been used to categorize, dehumanize, or generally portray disability in a negative light; and this doesn’t appear to be that. unless you’re referring to something else???)

Some of the things that I have seen as problematic are: her interview with a trans man makes me very uncomfortable (if I remember correctly because he was rather binarist). Also, she is a dyadic, cisgender, heterosexual who often explains issues about intersex, transness, and queer sexualities, so there are bound to be problems there. Also, things like including sapiosexual on a list of identities. I’m sure the list could go on and on.

My general stance with encountering problematic media is to critique it, not ignore it, unless it actively causes me harm (and yes, there are some episodes of sexplanations that make me so uncomfortable I cannot watch them). However, despite it’s problems, this show has taught me so many things that were excluded from my sex education. It has allowed me to come to a greater understanding of my body and the way it interacts with my sexuality, and this is why I recommend it to people.

Also, I want to try to give lenience to people who have different points of view and are generally earnest and have good intentions. Because life is better if I try to exercise compassion with others and myself.

The ableist slur I was referring to was when I wrote that homeopathy was “obviously bonkers”. That’s a term I’ve used in the past but try these days not to use, based in large part on your own effort to explain to me how language that treats mental illness lightly for disparaging/humorous effect can be hurtful. So thank you for helping me understand that.

I believe you when you say her show has been educational and helpful. But I wish she was more scrupulous about not promoting homeopathy, even if only as an alternative treatment, for actual medical conditions.

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