hi, nice to see another VOR fan :) do you sail? have fun with the inport race today and wish you a good start into the new year :)


I still sail occasionally, though not as much as I used to. When i was growing up I raced a lot on my dad’s boats in southern California. We did some buoy racing, but mostly raced offshore around the islands and along the coast. When I was still pretty young, in the 1960s, I learned to sail on his 10 Meter Hilaria, which he kept at San Diego’s Southwestern Yacht Club:


Later, in my teens, I sailed a lot on his Columbia 52 Victoria out of Los Angeles Yacht Club in San Pedro:


We were enthusiastic, if not always particularly successful. Once we won the LA Times Trophy (which at that time was the PHRF component of the Whitney Series). Other highlights were a first one year in the Marina del Rey to San Diego Race, and a second in the Newport to Ensenada Race.

Since then I haven’t done as much sailing, and what I have done has mostly been cruising, either bareboat chartering or, for a while, on my own boat, a Kettenburg 32 that I no longer own. Here’s my son watching dolphins from her bow on the way back from Santa Cruz Island in 2003:


I should do more sailing. Like Rat says in Wind in the Willows, there’s nothing half so much worth doing.

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