Rancho Monte Alegre, December 21, 2014 Like I’ve been…

Rancho Monte Alegre, December 21, 2014

Like I’ve been doing for the last several years, I got permission to enter the private Rancho Monte Alegre parcel north of Carpinteria for the annual Christmas Bird Count this year. The count is next Saturday, December 27, but this afternoon I hiked in to scout the area beforehand.

I didn’t take a lot of photos, but above are a few things I noticed: The sun going down early over the Santa Barbara Channel, some Rhopalomyia californica galls in coyote brush, and tracks in the mud near a rainwater pool: a young skunk (I think? not sure if it was striped or spotted) and an adult mountain lion.

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Tags: Baccharis pilularis, Rhopalomyia californica, rancho monte alegre, tracks, skunk, mountain lion.

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