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I Ship It | a short film by Yulin Kuang

After a bad breakup, Zoe Smallman decides to take down her ex-boyfriend in a wizard rock battle of the bands with help from her best friend, Charlie.

Written & Directed by Yulin Kuang

Mary Kate Wiles as Zoe
Sean Persaud as Charlie
Joey Richter as Peter
Jenna C. Johnson as Macy
Irene Choi as Sofia

Featuring original Wizard Rock songs by Kirstyn Hippe

Watch the Playlist: I Ship It film & bonus content

It’s here! Join us for a livestream Q&A at 12pm PT/3pm ET today! And feel free to leave us questions in the #i ship it film tag on Tumblr and the  #ishipitfilm tag on Twitter! We’d love to hear your thoughts. <3


Any people in Hollywood with buckets of money who are looking to remain current by funding the next generation of awesomely talented filmmakers and who are not this very second working on a plan to fund Yulin’s first feature are not people who should be deciding what to do with buckets of money.

Is what I think. And yeah, I’m biased. But that doesn’t make it untrue.

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