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I was watching Emma Watson’s important speech on feminism and gender equality at the UN, and I decided to check her Wikipedia page to learn more about her work on the matter. Instead I found that more sentences have been given to the male-gaze magazines who have ranked Watson on the basis of her sex appeal (first appearing when underage) than for the work she has done to promote women and gender equality. More care to her looks than her humanitarian work.

Watch the speech. And take action in whatever way you can.

I looked (briefly) at the Wikipedia article and am having trouble finding what you’re referring to. I’m seeing roughly 10 sentences in the section on her women’s rights work versus 5 sentences on her appearance in the men’s magazines (2 in the intro and then 3 later on).

Regardless, you’re not limited to talking about it here on Tumblr if you feel the Wikipedia article is inappropriately balanced. You have everything you need to take action directly. Edit the Wikipedia article yourself to improve it. Or, if you don’t have an existing confirmed Wikipedia account that will allow you to make edits on a semi-protected page (which “Emma Watson” is), then propose the changes you wish to make on the article’s Talk page, and try to build consensus (which is a good idea anyway if you want your edits to persist).

Note that Wikipedia is not a platform for advocacy, and if you try to make it one you’ll be frustrated by other editors’ reverting your changes. But if you can make a case for the change you want in terms of Wikipedia’s actual values and goals (to be a neutral-point-of-view, accurate encyclopedia article), you’ve got a good shot.

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