seanpersaud: Talking Marionettes rejoice!!! Ryan Bailey is back…


Talking Marionettes rejoice!!! Ryan Bailey is back and we’ve thrown together a few clips from our upcoming season with some of today’s hottest music.

Season 2 premieres Wednesday 9/24/2014 on the only channel you can count on for great advice and incisive humor: The Internet Channel.

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This looks amazing. Legit looking forward.

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Tags: but still, so, but, I started watching season one because of Sean, and it was weird, but there was something..., and about halfway through I realized that it was kind of darkly hilarious, there it is, I'm not sure I'd tell a literary/romance webseries fan that they'd like it, because I'm not sure they would, but there is definitely something there, if you're willing to channel your inner dudebro, the sound guy doesn't get enough lines, basically no one does except Ryan, which I realize is kind of the point.

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