And I know things now, Many valuable things, That I hadn’t…

And I know things now,
Many valuable things,
That I hadn’t known before:
Do not put your faith
In a cape and a hood,
They will not protect you
The way that they should.
And take extra care with strangers,
Even flowers have their dangers.
And though scary is exciting,
Nice is different than good.

Things I know now that I hadn’t known before:

  • When it comes to predicting the potential level of interest in a long, rambling text post, I know less than Jon Snow.
  • I have some of the nicest followers (and followers of followers) on Tumblr.
  • Sharing headcanon can be problematic when that headcanon involves real people.

There’s a particular failure mode I’m prone to, where I get excited at the idea that I’m accepted, and everyone’s my friend, and the dam of my isolation bursts and I run around gushing and forget how what I’m doing might look different than I intended. It’s sort of my Tumblr origin story, if you’ve followed me long enough to remember that.

If you’re someone who has liked or commented on or reblogged the “how i use tumblr” post, thank you; those notes have made me really happy. And yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, but I’m going to stop mentioning it. You can just assume, going forward, that it’s all embarrassing.

If you’re one of those who have expressed an interest in hearing my headcanon for you in particular, thank you for that, too. I’ve shared a few, some privately and some publicly, and I want to share more, but before I do I want to calm down and think about how to do that in a way that’s appropriate and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, either my own or (especially) anyone else’s.

Making up stories about real people is all good fun — until you share those stories. I want to be careful the tale I tell.

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