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The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

Things I remember when listening to this:

  • My first bicycle. It was green, with a banana seat.
  • Listening to my transistor radio (9V battery, single earplug, 93 KHJ).
  • Being, like, 8, in a world of complex, fully realized people my own age, with an overlay of alien others who were old. Like, 12.

Fun fact: I didn’t actually research when “I Want You Back” was on the radio. I just went with my inner feeling and wrote “like, 8” because that’s what it felt like.

Then I checked:

“I Want You Back” is a 1969 song, and the debut major-label single for The Jackson 5 which became a number-one hit for the band and the Motown label in early 1970.

My eighth birthday was on March 22, 1970.

When you start digging around in 44-year-old memories, a lot of it is fuzzy. But not everything.

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