Most of these photos courtesy of Linda, since I was…

Most of these photos courtesy of Linda, since I was driving.

For my Aussie followers (or those anywhere without ready access to firearms), welcome to the land of the free, where we make sure you know where hundreds of guns are available (A: closer than they appear).

Next, a wide-angle shot of my beak and the ginormous windmills outside Mojave, a super cool sedimentary formation at Red Rock Canyon, and the 17-mile (ish) straight-as-ruler section of 395 that leads north from there.

A fossilized creek bed, where a pyroclastic flow from an upstream volcano filled a sinuous channel, hardened, and had a few eons of erosion leave it sticking above the surrounding desert.

Next up: Little Lake, more vulcanism in the form of an awesome cinder cone, our traditional junk-food stop at Coso Junction, and a funky beehive building complete with dinosaur.

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