Okay, so I’ve been thinking about Bertha’s Attic Song, and how it relates to the AoJE and KitR universes. I was really confused about this for a while, but I think I’ve got it mostly sorted out. The video (including Bertha’s song and Jane’s reaction) is not really canon in either the AoJE or the KitR universe, but is sort of a crack AU like those AoJE indiegogo perk videos from a while back. But like the indiegogo videos, they’re related to things that have happened or could happen in the canon of both shows.

In the KitR-verse, James tweeted a photo of Audrey in the same costume/hairstyle/makeup an on the same set as Sinead in Bertha’s Attic Song, so that much, at least, is canon. The question is, is Audrey playing Bertha?

That’s actually a really complex question, and the answer depends in part on whether AoJE!Jane and her world are real or fictional in the world of KitR. That is, if any of the KitR characters watched AoJE, would it be a fictional adaptation of Jane Eyre (as it is to us), or a real person’s video blog? If the latter, that would mean that either the book, Jane Eyre doesn’t exist in the KitR-verse, or that this Jane person has a life that’s creepily similar to the life of a character in a 19th c. novel. If Jane Eyre doesn’t exist in the KitR-verse, Audrey can’t be playing Bertha. And if that’s the case, maybe us KitR fan-canon creator people should get on task and decide who Audrey is playing in her first feature.

Or you know, maybe AoJE!Jane is fictional and Audrey can play Bertha after all. Up to us, I guess?

My favorite meta in a while. And that’s a very competitive category these days, thanks to the droll subversives I follow.

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