“Lies” – Korn, from their self-titled debut album, 1994 Songs…

“Lies” – Korn, from their self-titled debut album, 1994

Songs called “Lies”, 9th in a series

I’ve listened to a lot of music I otherwise wouldn’t have listened to because of my son. So I have more familiarity than I otherwise would with what I think of as “angry young man” music that traces its origins back to Korn’s debut album, which apparently is something of an ur-recording that ushered in the “nu metal” genre. The guttural screaming vocals in particular, that you can hear some of here, are apparently a big thing these days. I’m sure they have been for a while now. But it took having a teenage son in charge of the car’s audio for me to realize it.

I know there’s always been an element in rock that speaks to the frustrations of young male listeners, their brains practically swimming in testosterone, their parents relentlessly hassling them about their grades, the objects of their barely-manageable sexual urges seemingly out of reach…

God, being a teenage male sucked. I realize now that being a teenage female would have sucked even more, but that’s no comfort to the me-of-the-past I remember being.

Those movies that offer the fantasy of going back to high school, outwardly the age you were then but able to relive those experiences with adult perspective and coping skills, exert a powerful pull on me. But without being able to take those adult tools back with me, to just go back and relive it as an actual teen? I don’t think I’d want to.

It was a wonderful time. But it was a terrible time, too. Interacting on Tumblr with people who are or recently were going through that reminds me of that every day. I have a lot of sympathy, and respect, for those of you going through adolescence. Heroes and heroines all.


I would like to search inside
for all of the things that you will hide
What’s the problem?
Can’t you seem to
search through these problems that haunt and taunt you
I smile, while you’re afraid
Your run, while you’re so in pain

Do you ever see it [out from] outside your fears
Thinking about your life
Thinking about your inner fears

I would like to search inside
for all of the things that you will hide
What’s the problem?
Can’t you seem to open your body and let me touch you

I want to see the life you have disguised
The world of things that hurt you
Kept all these useless lies
I want you to fear, fill you on up inside
Once I took you in, I’ll throw you out next time
I tried, you win
My life is ripping your heart out and destroying my pain!

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