Sense and Sensibility or Hammershøi: You Decide From a wonderful…

Sense and Sensibility or Hammershøi: You Decide

From a wonderful blog post by Jane Flanagan: Hammershøi in Sense & Sensibility:

On the weekend, I watched Sense & Sensibility (again, it’s always on!) This time I was struck by some beautifully painterly moments in the movie. In particular, there were lots of stills that reminded me of Hammershøi paintings. This impression hit me so strongly, I became convinced that Hammershøi must have been on the inspiration board for the movie. Whether it’s true or not, I like that idea a lot. Here are some stills alongside some Hammershøi paintings so you can see for yourself!

Flanagan’s image credits:

Image credits: Sense & Sensibility stills (1995), directed by Ang Lee, Columbia Pictures

Hammershøi paintings: 1. Dust Motes Dancing in Sunlight (1900) via / 2. The Tall Windows (1913) via / 3. Interior, Strandgade 30 (1901) via

Her link for “Interior, Strandgade 30 (1901)” is broken, but you can see a larger version of it here.

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