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In case you haven’t had your fill of literary adaptation series, I just launched a new series of micro-directing projects over at my personal channel, one is a little bit different though.

I Didn’t Write This is a new literary adaptation series in which I adapt and direct excerpts of poetry and literature written by other people. Basically one long commercial for why we read. My goal is to get parts of poetry and literature stuck in your head like a good song. Or John Mulaney’s standup. 

Sometimes I say things at the end of the videos; you don’t have to watch those parts. New episodes every Friday, until we run out of world enough and time. Subscribe, maybe?

I Didn’t Write This – Ep. 1: Ode, by Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Directed by Yulin Kuang

Starring Mary Kate Wiles and Sean Persaud

Shot by Zack Wallnau
Makeup by Julika Engols

Dedicated to matterofawesome, who had requested a recording of “Ode” by Sean as a prize for her submission in the Shipsters FTW competition. I thought we might be able to do her one better than a recording, so we shot this. Hope you enjoy it, matterofawesome!

Full text of “Ode”, by Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

Gahhhhhhhhh! I can’t watch this right now because of stupid real life reasons but I’m freaking out so much!! My heart is beating really really fast! I can’t wait to see this!! GAHHHHHHH aslksdjasdalda

Nothing whatsoever about any of this that I don’t love.

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